The Celebes Sea forms the ocean space between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Along with the Sulu Sea, it is regarded as one of the most biologically diverse marine environments in the world. As the Celebes is thought to have once been nearly isolated by land masses, researchers hope to find new marine species that exist only there. The Celebes Sea is part of the Sundaland area ranked number two on the list of marine hotspots for biodiversity and endangerment.

Most of the images and all of the "landscape" images in this video were shot at Sipadan Island, an tiny oceanic island under government protection off the coast of East Malaysia in the Celebes Sea. The marine park consists of large shallow coral reefs and walls dropping off to deep water. A military force protects the island, allowing only a small number of registered visitors during restricted hours each day. The protected coral reefs here abound with hundreds of coral species and thousands of species of fish including sharks, schooling jacks and barracudas. Sipadan is well known for it's deep caves and large sea turtle population. Other images in the video were shot at Kapalai and Mabul Island.
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